Context Sensitive Solutions, Inc. 

We are a transportation engineering firm with 23 years experience in multimodal context sensitive transportation corridor solutions and designs. We specialize in traffic micro-analytical network modeling and geometric design with emphasis on reducing traffic congestion, fatalities, injuries, fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. We are skilled in alternative intersection modeling, designs and solutions to promote economic growth and historic preservation. We provide traffic micro-analytical network modeling and geometric design workshops to departments of transportations in the USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), and the Carribeans. We are competent in public presentations and organizing stakeholder's project involvements to achieve satisfactory and successful project tasks.

"Context sensitive solutions (CSS) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that involves all stakeholders in providing a transportation facility that fits its setting. It is an approach that leads to preserving and enhancing scenic, aesthetic, historic, community, and environmental resources, while improving or maintaining safety, mobility, and infrastructure conditions."-- Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)